Leave your feedback for my courses.

If you’ve taken a course with me in the past or present, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Thanks! Click this title to read them.

35 thoughts on “Leave your feedback for my courses.

  1. Erika,
    You are such a great teacher.
    I enjoyed the two day workshop on Lightroom.
    I can’t wait to put it to use.
    I’ve taken a few workshops and you have such a relaxed way of teaching you make it fun!!
    Also it was a new experience working on a Mac!!
    Thanks for all your help!!


  2. Thanks so much for last week-end’s hands-on overview of Lightroom. Now I don’t feel quite so intimidated by it.

    You mentioned an 8 page summary. Could you email that to me? I’ll pass it on to Gail as well.

    Thanks again,

    PS. Your website is great!


  3. Hi Erika,

    I would like to thank you for all of your help. I’ve learned a lot from your class. Techniques, artists’ websites, and all those resources helped me a lot and will definitely help me in the future.

    Thank you again.


  4. Thank you for expanding the digital world for me. You introduced me to a world of resources, techniques, and artists to enhance the ever changing world of photography. I especially like your good humor and patience with those of us who are technically challenged. I look forward to taking another class from you in the future, because I know you will be up if not ahead of the latest developments!


  5. Thanks Erika for a wonderful course in photoshop 60B at CCSF. I have learned so many techniques and insights in your class and in the wonderful jungle in photoshop CS3. Have a nice summer.

    Best Regards,


  6. Erika’s knowledge and expertise in digital imaging, as well as her skills as a teacher are extraordinary. I recently took her class “Digital Negatives for Darkroom Printing” and finished the class feeling confident to continue with the techniques on my own. Her clear and concise presentation of the material made this possible, as well as her patience and encouragement for each and everyone of us in class. I eagerly look forward to taking another class with Erika this coming fall.


  7. As an older student taking intermediate photoshop for the sake of learning how to get the most out of my images, I got a lot more. Erika made me think about what I was shooting and why, and she made me think more like a photographer with use of themes and projects. Her style of teaching is one of interaction and exchange of ideas, and that really worked for me, and for the class. As a scientist I am used to peer review, but to have critiques of assignments was both fun and a real learning experience. I would definitely take another course from her, especially one that is photography rather than photoshop oriented.


    1. I have already posted, but would like to add that Erika’s Photoshop and Digital Negative course really gave me an appreciation for how I shoot, and what I shoot, and how I develop my final images. The Digital Negative course got me to look at the beauty and dynamic range one could get with black and white images, particularly with desert scenery. I recently entered some of my digital images in the photography competition at the Marin County Fair in the digital image category and received a 3rd place. Without Erika’s encouragement and teaching, I don’t think my images would be anywhere near as good as they now are.


  8. I was in Erika’s beginning photography class in the fall of 2008. It was a hybrid film and digital beginner’s class and was one of the most informative classes I have ever taken, photographic or otherwise. Erika is an excellent teacher who helped me build the skills necessary to be a competent photographer. She always had time for consultation about the projects we were involved in and never had a problem answering my questions about what I should do with myself and my hopes of a career in photography and journalism. It is obvious Erika has a great passion for photography. She is a great teacher and I would certainly enjoy the opportunity to take one of her classes again. Thanks Erika, you da bomb dog.


  9. Just wanted to leave a note of thanks for the encouragement, advice and knowledge that you shared this last semester. Your dedication to the art and craft of photography is exemplary. I hope to have the opportunity to continue to learn more from you in the future.


  10. I took Erika’s Fall 2008 IDST 120 class and I learned alot. Erika’s lectures were very informative and helped me to better understand how to use Photoshop,Dreamweaver, Flash , Final Cut Pro, and Illustrator. I know that the knowledge that Erika has shared with me and my fellow IDST 120 students will help to prepair us for our future careers.
    So I want to say thank you to Erika for sharing your knowledge and skills. I also want to thank Beth for providing helpful information about future classes to take and I also want to thank my fellow IDST 120 students. I hope that everyone got the same experience that I did out of this class.
    Thank you.


  11. I took Erika’s Beginning Photography class in Fall 2008 and let me tell you, I learned so SO much in her class. I took another photo class at another community college and I definitely improved more in my photography in Erika’s class than a whole semester at the other. She’s energetic and extremely knowledgeable about the material, she encouraged us to be involved in extracurricular photographic events, conferences, etc, and she is more than willing to help you in and outside of the classroom.
    Bottom line: She’s way rad and I owe it to her for a bulk of my own photo skills.
    Thanks Erika! See ya around.


  12. I took Erika’a digital negative class Spring 2009 at CCSF and was impressed by her thorough knowledge of Photoshop. I am hoping to retake Photoshop from her in the fall.
    She also speaks French beautifully.


  13. I reread my comment from spring 2008 and I now have taken another class with Erika, the digital negative class. This was a really good class, even with the problems beyond her control. I learned a lot, and really started to think about B&W as an alternative to color. if Erika teaches another class that I have not yet had, I would take it, just because she is teaching. And to boot, she is a great person.


  14. Erika is a fantastic teacher. She has a great aesthetic eye, and would provide fantastic suggestions in how to improve my photographs, both when I shot and also in post-production.

    She was patient with me, repeating important suggestions until I finally remembered and applied them in my work.

    I took Intermediate Photoshop with Erika for one semester, and in those short few months, my skills (photography and photoshop) improved dramatically. It was like I was a different photographer by the end … a way better one.

    In conclusion: Erika is awesome.


  15. passion and information****
    I highly recommend any class by Erika Gentry, a fine teacher indeed.
    I took photo 51 and was amazed by the passion and information that is bursting out of this hilarious and sweet woman. Erika knows what’s up. Shes on point, knows the newest news in the photo world, she is a true appreciator of art, and a magnificent artist herself. From her encouraging words and wealth of knowledge, she goes above and beyond the call of duty.

    Thank you Erika!


  16. Before taking this class I was lost in the digital world of photography however Erika changed it all and now I have a new sense of sight when it comes to taking photos. Not only did she assist with how to use the cameras functions she was also extremely helpful and patient when it came to introducing Photoshop and Lightroom. Now I’m more comfortable with shooting and manipulating my photos. She’s passionate about her work which is why she makes for a great teacher in the photography world.

    ERIKA you are an awesome, rockin, super woman. Bunches of thanks.


  17. I have been in Ms. Erika’s Lightroom Technique class in Rayko Photo Center Spring 2009, this was the course I wanted to learn and this was a extented two day course. I learned a lot from her. Ms. Erika is a excellent Instructor in digital photography. Thanks to Ms. Erika, now I’m able to use Lightroom everyday and I depend on it to handle hundreds of images a month on my Canon 5d markll digital camera. Lightroom is a very useful sufficient powerful tool for today’s digital photographu. And thanks Ms. Erika, for your recommendation, I just got a powerful 24” Imac, for my digital work station, and everything is feeling smooth.


  18. I was looking for someone local (Oakland) to help me one on one with Lightroom and general archiving. I came across Erika’s name and profile and gave her a call. She was leaving for Europe in two days but was willing to give me a half day the day before she left. This alone was impressive! About our session: Erika understands the mechanics of Lightroom, but never looses sight of the art of photography. So we never got bogged down by the technical nature of the program because Erika kept coming back to the bigger picture: the photograph. In a short time, I learned what I needed to know about developing a photograph in Lightroom in addition to the rules of archiving. For me archiving was the biggest challenge and she helped me understand how to think in categories and create effective file names. I found Erika to be a wonderful teacher. She is knowledgeable, patient, thinks clearly, and possesses a quality all great teachers have: a vital interest in where you are coming from as a student. In addition, Erika has a lovely, relaxed open nature. I hope to work with her again. Thank you Erika!


  19. Anybody want to improve digital printing color and b/w should take Erika Gentry class. Since I took her printing class color and b/w last couple years at Foothill College my printing skills have been improved amazingly, then my digital and film b/w photos have been recommended to exhibit at gallery or to enter contest.
    I’m willing to continue to take her class, see you soon again Erika.


  20. Several years ago I took Ms. Gentry’s classes at Foothill College in Los Altos. At the time I was a wholly bewildered novice, quite completely overwhelmed by Photoshop and digital imaging generally. I’d previously started and dropped classes with other intructors (some very experienced both as teachers and Photoshop savvy photographers). Only with Erika did the lights really come on. She was steady, deeply patient, thoroughly knowledgeable, and imaginative. Her management of the class, some 23 or 24 people of widely varying age, experience, and ability was masterful. As she covered large bodies of information, she carefully noted which students were keeping pace and which weren’t quite getting it. As she reviewed material, and during breaks, she sought out the stragglers, made them comfortable and brought them up to speed. She manifestly wanted her students to succeed. Clearly, in my experience, Ms. Gentry has proved herself an exceptional teacher. Yet there is one other factor that made her a truly singular instructor. As the class proceeded and we started, in baby steps, to use what we were learning, Erika treated each of the 23 or so students as a distinct individual with their own aesthetic sense and goals. I never once heard Erika try to impose her own or some generalized notion of “art” on a struggling student. Rather, she spent the time and effort to understand where the student was trying to take a piece, and then using the course material, assisted in the pursuit of the student’s aesthetic goal. In sum, Ms. Gentry is a singularly fine teacher. Any faculty that she decides to join will be fortunate indeed.

    Regards, Jed Wormhoudt

    I highly recommend Erika Gentry as an instructor. She has vast real world experience that she brings to the classroom; I have never seen a situation she did not know how to handle. She is very organized and presents very thorough information on each topic. In addition, she provides lots of examples of work of professionals in the applicable topic, this adds greatly to the richness of the experience. On top of all of that – she is very fun.
    Cathy Cakebread

    The didgital bookmaking class taught by erica was one of the best computer class have ever taken. She displayed excellent command of the subject matter, enthusuastic engagement with the class, and the wonderful field trips she organized were very motivational.
    carol craford

    Erika Gentry was one of the best teachers I had for digital photography. She was very easy to understand. She not only provided notes but she also goes over it carefully. I had a very slow start into Photoshop. Erika made it easy to understand. I also took another class from her that focused on image. She was helpful in teaching us to reach our goal and gave wonderful feedback and critique.
    Vivian Tsung

    Erika Gentry is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. She is always prepared for the lectures and very helpful on lab time. IDST 120 on the spring of 2005 was a class that changed my life.
    Rodrigo M. Berbel Ito

    I have taken her photo design and cocept class. Erika’s teaching is up-to-date and very informative. What I like the best is that she encourges students’ creativity.
    Grace Kwon

    This is to say Erika taught a well organized and informative class in Photoshop. She worked with students showing them procedures beyond the requirements. She promotes and participates in seminars that keep students in contact with the latest technology.
    Chuck Cegelski
    Sunnyvale, CA USA

    Hi Eriaa,I had took your course over a year ago, since that I start using computer & media now, I’m still apprecietyour hard work, you are an excillet instructer! Thanks again!
    Youmans Hsiong

    Erika Gentry has been by far one of my favorite photography teachers. Over the years of my education, I have found a couple of things that really do it for me in terms of getting a lot out of my classes via the instructors.
    1) It always helps when I just genuinely like my teacher as a person.
    2) Teachers that have real experience in the field, and a valuable and practical set of skills that they themselves are very passionate about. and
    3) When teachers are able to communicate that knowledge in a way that is useful and interesting in a classroom situation. While I think it is pretty common to find any one of these things in teachers, Erika has been one of the few that has been able to combine all 3.

    Not only is it obvious that she has a very valuable knowledge and strong grasp on the subject matter, but she is able to truely teach that to her students. I think one of the reasons she stands out in my mind is that I remember never wanting to miss a class. Every meeting she had prepared something that I knew I was going to learn from. And her lessons were prepared in a way that was specific to the needs of our class. On more than one occasion I remember her going out of her way to bring in examples or teaching aids in answer to somebody’s question/comment from a previous class. I think she came to each and every class very prepared both with the knowledge and a means to communicate that knowledge, and I am looking forward for the opportunity to be able to take more classes from her in the future.

    Robyn Kessler
    San Francisco, Ca

    Erika is a genuine leader and inspirational teacher in the domain of photography and the creative arts. I have taken her digital imaging course and workshops. She is unique her classes in maintaining a balance of artistic expression and technical “how to” She inspired me and other students to follow and express our ideas – to find the inner artist and express the spirit within yourself. She is a truly gifted teacher. John
    john rinehart

    Erika is the best prepared and most meticulous and harworking instructor I’ve had: her lessons are always comprehensive and comprehensible. She stays current with soft- and hard-ware, but always makes it clear that human skills and knowledge have to come first; she doesn’t let her students get lazy or complacent vis a vis our machines. She’s extremely well read and articulate, open minded but also demanding: she doesn’t let people fail. I’ve seen her take young students aside and very gently but firmly make it clear to them that she knows they can do better work than they’ve handed in — and then take the time to sit down next to them and help them until they do indeed produce that better work.

    If I’d had teachers like Erika in undergraduate school, I’d have … I don’t know what. A nobel prize, maybe. In a milieu that can be brain-scrambling, I’ve never seen her lose her cool: she’s resilient, adaptable, and has a great sense of humor. Erika brings refreshing humanity and common sense to subjects where both can be scarce. She has clarity and vision. And, perhaps most important, she never lets theory outstrip practice: by the time Erika’s done with you, you know how to DO something. Everyone should have teachers this good.

    Scott Agnew
    San Francisco, Ca

    I took a digital imaging class from Erika to learn about Adobe Photoshop, scanning, manipulating images, printing and web publishing. She unquestionably had the necessary experience, skills and knowledge to be an effective instructor, and her enthusiasm for digital imaging, along with her own personal artwork, was infectious and inspiring. As a lifelong student, I have rarely found an instructor who has Erika’s unique ability to blend exceptional artistic talent with patient and effective instruction. She is an asset to any organization with which she is affiliated.

    Linda Crowe
    San Carlos, CA USA

    To Whom It May Concern: I have taken a full quarter course and several short courses from Erika Gentry in the past two years on digital imaging.

    I started as a complete novice to Photoshop and was barely computer literate and I found her understanding, helpful and patient. She provoked good discussions around the issues of ethics and artistic expression and really made us think.

    She also included helpful information about selling our photographs if we wished and how to exhibit them in our college gallery. In short, Erika is a wonderful teacher and an asset to any faculty. I only wish she was still at Foothill.

    For your information, I am a senior student (aged 70) and have considerable experience in observing college professors. Please feel free to contact me for any further information. Sincerely, Diane Nanis nanisdiane@gmail.com I learned a lot from Erika and am sorry she is no longer teaching at Foothill College. She keeps in touch with her past students and encourages us with announcements of interesting lectures, shows, and opportunities to enter photo competitions.

    diane Nanis
    Mountain View , CA

    Erika, You have been great as a teacher and adviser. I’ve enjoyed your class (IDST 120) and working with you on some small projects. I value your input on design issues I bring you and also thank you for taking some of your time in helping me. Good Luck up the road.

    Paul p.s. I like the guest book 🙂
    Paul Strader

    I am a photographer with a background in fine arts photography. I was a student of Erika’s last semester in an introduction to digital media class. Her teaching method was not only clear and very effective, but I have walked aways with knowledge that I will incorporate into my creative process. I have taken various digital media courses with others and can honestly say that Erika was the only instructor who encouraged me to utilize the media to accomodate my creative vision– she was very available and sensitive to my personal aesthetic. Her class was most thorough and informative digital media class that I have taken.
    Constance Lewis
    San Francisco, CA USA

    I think Erika is an excellent teacher, definitly the best one Ive had so far at city college. I learned a very generous amount of knowledge on a vast array of subjects. I apply what I have learned to projects that I currently work on today. Thanks Erika!
    San Francisco, CA USA

    I strongly recommend Erika Gentry to any and all students who are looking for entry level skills in the Graphic Arts program. She is by far the most knowledgable, personable & reliable teacher I have learned from at City College of San Francisco. IDST 120 is the class and she is the best one to take it with.
    Jason Blandon
    San Francisco, CA USA

    As a working professional, Ms. Gentry provides a unique perspective to teaching digital photography skills. I use two of the handouts from class every time I do extensive work on my digital photographs. Her class was stimulating and fun!
    Carol Matre
    Los Altos, CA USA –

    Erika is a fantastic teacher and I really enjoyed her IDST 120 Class. She has a wonderful sense of style when it comes to teaching. Erika was open to new ideas and creative approaches to class projects and assignments. I especially appreciate that Erika was always available via email for questions regarding class projects as well as a few looming “work” issues I experienced as a freelance designer. I have recommended Erika’s class to others at CCSF in the past and will continue to do so as long as she is teaching. Viva Erika!
    Kate Dana Detwiler
    San Francisco, CA USA

    I was really nervous about learning photoshop because it seemed so complicated and overwhelming. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for my Intro to Photoshop class. Erika was incredibly patient and thorough -I learned so much and now I cruise through photoshop. I wish I could have Erika for all of my classes. She’s the best!
    Karen Rusten
    New York, NY USA

    Fantastic course, Erika! It was a great overview of Photoshop, Image Ready, Flash and Final Cut Pro — enough to get me running on my own. As Goldie Hawn says in “Overboard,” … “Good Stuff!” 🙂
    Gwendolynne Barr
    San Francisco, CA USA

    Everyone in IDST130 comments on your class so you are famous there!
    Shirley Smith

    Erika, I really enjoyed your class. It really sparked some interests and got me thinking about new career possibilities.
    Terri McBride
    S.F., CA USA

    Hi Erika, Your class was great. I got a lot out of it. Brian Labrie
    Brian Labrie
    sausalito, ca


  21. I just completed Photoshop 60B (Intermediate Photoshop) with Erka. She is an extraordinary teacher. Anyone that has an opportunity to take a class from her will not be disappointed.

    Erika is extremely well organized and has obviously worked very hard to put together an excellent syllabus. I am amazed at how much I learned in one semester. I would take any class that Erika teaches. She is also very sensitive to the individual student’s abilities and is definitely available to assist them.

    In conclusion, her weekly blog was always filled with a variety of information ranging from local art shows to articles about the field of photography. She is very knowledgeable about art, art history and, of course, Photoshop and uses that information to inspire and direct her students.


  22. I just had two classes with Erika Gentry, Spring 2010, and she is amazing! She has a great teaching style and is supportive of her students. She is always available for questions and extra help and never misses a beat!! I recommend Erika to anyone who is really interested in learning. She is consistent in preparing and giving information provided in class, and always posts interesting events that are happening on her blog. She keeps up with rapidly moving new technologies and continues to learn by taking classes herself. It’s rare to find a teacher of her caliber.


  23. I followed Erika from a weekend course at RayKo to a semester at CCSF — which meant a two-hour drive, twice a week — because of the caliber of her teaching.

    Was it worth it?


    Erika is the best. Simple as that. She makes learning about photography stimulating, engaging, and challenging. Can’t wait until next semester!


  24. Erica, I really learned a tremendous amount in your class, though I clearly didn’t absorb all the things that you said in class because it was so much information (but that’s good that you gave us alot of information)
    But your website is great and i will use it as a resource in the next months to try to go back and study more
    Thank you so much
    The only comment I would make is that it’s unfortunate that there are such budget problems at ccsf, because i dont have photoshop at home right now and it made it very difficult that the computer lab was not open very much, and also the fact that the printers are not working there made it really very timeconsuming and expensive to have to do our printing outside
    I’m just letting you know because it is something that signficantly affected my learning experience, though clearly it’s not your fault, and I’m sure it’s not something you didn’t already know
    Hope you have a great summer and hope to see you in the fall or in the future
    All the best, naomi


  25. I hesitated to take the Social Media class at first because it wasn’t something I was terribly interested in even though I use social networking for personal use. I have been turned off by it because of it being a real time consumer.

    However, since I’ve been in Erika’s class, I am convinced she is the best person to be teaching this class and she has succeeded in making it a very enriching and rewarding experience for me. She made social media interesting and compelling. I have come to feel a special camaraderie with my classmates as she is able to pull us all together as a team.

    Many kudos to Erika Gentry on her professional manner and her sensitivity and abundant patience she exercises with her students with different learning curves.

    I think she needs to offer an advanced class now, or at least a continuing version of MMSP 131.


  26. Dear Erika,

    I want to thank you for the Phot 60B class. You are a great teacher with so much knowledge to share, and do it so well. I learned so much from you. Taking Photoshop in the Photography department is so different than the Graphic Arts department. Because of your class I have the job with the photographer. I could not have this job without what I have leaned in your class. I will miss you, and wish you and your grandmother the very best.



  27. I took several CCSF Photoshop classes from Erika including Intermediate Photoshop (P60B.) I learned much from Erika during the class that I was able to apply to my own Photoshop post processing work.

    However, never did I imagine that I would be teaching Photoshop myself. Yet this year (2011) exactly that happened when the Monongalia County Schools (West Virginia) offered me a position as the Photoshop instructor in their Technical Education Center.

    I have to say that I repeatedly surprise myself. It seems that there was never a Photoshop question raised by the students that I couldn’t either answer or figure out. I attribute much of this to Erika’s excellent care in instructing me and patience in answering my questions in P60B.



  28. Erika,

    I just finished your Intermediate Photoshop class at CCSF. First of all thank you for spending your tuesday and thursday evenings in a classroom. Your class would otherwise be inaccessible to me. The quality of instruction and your level of expertise is as good as you will get anywhere. Period.

    But beyond the technical excellence I really appreciated the collaborative and supportive classroom environment that you created. Because of this we really learned together rather than being taught to.

    Hope to take other classes from you in the future.


  29. It has been a great pleasure to study and learn from erika! Her logical and efficient workflow methods make the photoshop universe far less daunting! Ken


  30. I can’t speak highly enough of Erika’s Lightroom course I enjoyed recently.
    Apart from great technical/subject knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, what set Erika apart from other instructors is that she really is a *teacher* – she is not some drone regurgitating their technical expertise in a condescending manner that discourages participation and enjoyment of class members, [such has been the class experience with someone else] She was open to all manner of questions from a big variety of class members, managed to answer all of them while still keeping the class on course and ensuring we all got what we expected and wanted.

    I got a lot more out of Erika’s course than I expected and as a result, a lot more enjoyment out of my photography investment then and since. Thank you so much


  31. Erica is a true educator. I entered the digital imaging realm with the greatest of trepidation. My formal study of photography started at CCSF in the early ‘70’s. I worked as a medical photographer, taught community college level classes, owned photo-processing labs, shot in studio…. The analog/digital shift was traumatic at best. I took a ten- year hiatus from photography and reentered “imaging” in 2009 when I enrolled in Photo 60B. That is when I met Erica Gentry. Her resume is impressive, she terms herself an educator, and is that indeed. I found she followed her class outline to the letter, assignments were precise and directed to follow the curriculum with purpose. Class critiques were skill level appropriate and constructive. Thanks to Erica Gentry I fell in love with the digital imaging process. My background photographically is conservative and formal, I was most delighted to learn that Photoshop controls can be applied in the most subtle fashion, applying corrections with a mere kiss when needed rendering tones soft and fluid; photographic in appearance; not at all “digital looking” as I feared. Since her class I have applied all I learned while performing the duties of “Biological Imaging Specialist” when imaging in the Entomology Department at the Cal Academy of Science. Additionally, I photograph for non- profit organizations shooting events and have with glee returned to my passion of nature photography, all digital. There is not a Photoshop session when I do not think of Erica with gratitude for giving me the tools to reengage in my passion of photography. Enjoy her, learn from her and thank her for the skills you will gain.


  32. Erika,

    As expected, your LR 2 left me in digital overload but at least I can now converse with kindergarteners about where their electrons are hanging out! Thanks a lot for your patience in explaining new technology to the generationally disadvantaged and giving my a running start before LR version 3D 9.75 hits the market.
    Best wishes until the next course,


  33. Erika is a wonderful teacher, she is very knowledgeable and patient. Erika’s classes put it together for me. No, it is not possible to cover all the aspects of LR in a weekend class but Erika provided the broad overview that has enabled me to really understand the program to an extent that I could never achieve on my own. Thank you Erika.


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