CCSF Students Restore Photos Damaged by Katrina

City College of San Francisco “Intermediate Photoshop” photography students participated in a nationwide effort to retouch photographs damaged by Hurricane Katrina as part of organization “Operation Photo Rescue”.

The photography students Dennis Chan, Naoko Kitamura and Andrew Steinmetz participated as part of their PHOTO 60B class under the instruction of Erika Gentry. Operation Photo Rescue is an on-line volunteer community dedicated to restoring photographs damaged by Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters.

About Operation Photo Rescue
Insurance can replace homes, furniture and automobiles in time of need. However, photographs, which are important pieces of a family’s history, are unprotected. Operation Photo Rescue (OPR) is a volunteer network of professional photojournalists and amateur digital photographers, graphic designers, image restoration artists and others. OPR’s mission is to repair photographs damaged by unforeseen circumstances such as house fires and natural disasters at no cost to the people who own them.

For more information visit: http://

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