‘Archive Fever: Uses of the Document in Contemporary Art’ @ ICP

archiveslide2.jpg“Archive Fever: Uses of the Document in Contemporary Art” currently showing at ICP (The International Center of Photography) in New York, is exciting enough to make me want to hop on the next flight to Manhattan. The exhibit which runs 1/18-5/4 was organized by ICP Adjunct Curator Okwu Enwezo and presents works by contemporary artists who use archival documents to rethink the meaning of identity, history, memory and loss.

The recent NYTs article says that “Photography, with its extensions in film, video and the digital realm, is the main vehicle for these images. The time was, we thought of photographs as recorders of reality. Now we know they largely invent reality. At one stage or another, whether in shooting, developing, editing or placement, the pictures are manipulated, which means that we are manipulated. We are so used to this that we don’t see it; it’s just as a fact of life.” As we witness the field and very nature of photography change in present history, and see larger numbers of people take part in it than ever before, the article and show present more than food for thought.

Artist in the exhibit include:

Christian Boltanski, Tacita Dean, Stan Douglas, Harun Farocki and Andrei Ujica, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Jef Geys, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Craigie Horsfield, Lamia Joreige, Zoe Leonard, Sherrie Levine, Ilán Lieberman, Glenn Ligon, Robert Morris, Walid Raad, Thomas Ruff, Anri Sala, Fazal Sheikh, Lorna Simpson, Eyal Sivan, Vivan Sundaram, Nomeda and Gediminas Urbona, Andy Warhol.

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