Artist Deborah Oropallo Speaks to CCSF Students

orapallo.pngBerkeley, CA artist Deborah Oropallo spoke to CCSF PHOTO 52 students last night regarding her life, work and art. Balancing a career as a fine artist and raising a family, Oropallo finds inspiration from the objects around her home, industrial neighborhood and now internet. Her latest work from the ongoing series “Guise” will debut February 5, 2008 at the Stephen Wirtz Gallery. The series, which layers found images from historical paintings with female fetish costume websites onto canvas, depicts a relationshop between sex and power. Titles of the works play on the image combinations such as “Jail Bait”, “Captain’s Mate” and “Pillage n Plunder”. During her lecture, Oropallo emphasized exploration, risk taking and experimentation in being an artist. Spending most of her 20 year career as painter, Oropallo considers the use of found images from new media an exciting new tool in her art making. To see more of her work visit her website.

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