Photography Makes A Perfect Gift

©Chris McCaw "Old Tree Split from a Heavy Crop, Manteca, CA, 2002"

Photographs make a perfect, unique holiday gift and you can support bay area non-profits at the same time with your tax deductible purchase. Regardless of a bad economy – photographs gain value over time.  In the bay area,  we are fortunate to have immediate access to many interesting, emerging and talented artist’s works.

Outside of purchasing images at a traditional gallery – photography oriented non profit organizations sell images each year  to cover their operating costs. One example is the yearly SF Camerawork Auction – held this year on 12/6/2008. Photographs for sale are printed either by the artist or under the artist’s direct supervision and the prices are well below market value.

Often too, special edition photographs are made for non profit organizations to sell online (see below links). These photographs are the SAME as you would buy in any gallery – but are MUCH less expensive (albeit sometimes a bit smaller in size) because the gallery profit is removed. For example – a Chris McCaw print might sell anywhere from $1500-$2300 in a gallery – but through a non profit organization like you can buy one of his prints for $375-$500 dollars.  Check out the following collections – your purchases support our photographic community and are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! PLEASE extend your support to our local photographic community by considering a print or book purchase for an upcoming holiday gift – or for yourself!

Fotovision announces Portfolio Number Four: “Lyrical Typography
Above:  ©Chris McCaw “Old Tree Split from a Heavy Crop, Manteca, CA, 2002”
This is a signed, hand coated platinum/palladium print on 16 x 9″ paper in an edition of 30.

Photo Alliance offers affordable pigment prints by contemporary photographers:

Lens Culture offers interesting photographic works by international artists:

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