Student Spotlight: “Photograms” by Anette Marweld

“So much of photography is about control. Whether it be controlling exposure, development time, stopping a particular moment in time, or manipulating an image in Photoshop, we often attempt controlling reality as we see it. Photograms do not involve a camera. Items are placed under the enlarger onto photographic paper and exposed to light. The enlarger light creates the image by relating directly with the objects. Glass vessels are particularly interesting to me as the light transmits in unpredictable ways, creating something previously unseen”.

Anette Marweld was born and raised in Germany. In the late Eighties she moved to the US where she completed her BA in Filmmaking at San Francisco State University.  She currently enjoys exploring a wide range of photographic techniques.

Anette Marweld
CCSF Photography Student
PH67 “Digital Negatives for Contact Printing”

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