Artist Spotlight: “Related” by Anthony Goicolea

© Anthony Goicolea
© Anthony Goicolea

I was very excited by this latest work by Anthony Goicolea. “Related” is the latest in an ongoing series in which Goicolea uses drawing, photography, sculpture and installation to explore his family history and identity as well as larger themes of ritual, assimilation and alienation.

Like many first generation immigrants, Goicolea experiences a sense of cultural dislocation. Customs and family tradition keep immigrants linked to a mythical homeland while the tendency to assimilate into their surroundings isolates and estranges them from their origins and creates a sense of alienation.

Tackling these issues, Goicolea has executed a series of portraits based on old photographs of family members, known and unknown, while they were still living in Cuba. By drawing and painting these portraits, Goicolea creates a reinterpreted, second-generation reproduction of their likenesses. These images are drawn to resemble daguerreotypes and are executed in negative on layered Mylar and glass. After drawing his own negatives, Goicolea then inverts them to create a positive photographic mirror of each drawing. Then Goicolea mounts these drawings and paintings in rural areas of the South where he was raised and in New York where he lives now. Pasted on trees, telephone poles, and the sides of buildings like missing persons ads or wanted posters, the drawings are then photographed again in a third generation reproduction, thus further removing the image from its original source. Read and See More.

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