Frankencamera Is Coming

Linda A. Cicero/Stanford News Service. Computer science professor Marc Levoy of Stanford shows off his prototype "Frankencamera." It allows programs to be downloaded, much like the iPhone does, and might just change the future of photography.

Published NPR: October 11, 2009

It’s big. It’s ugly. And it’s made from recycled parts, at least for now. It’s called the “Frankencamera” — and it might someday change the way you take pictures.

Computer scientists at Stanford University say the new camera works something like an iPhone: It can be altered in nearly infinite ways, depending on the applications downloaded to it.

Even the best digital camera on the market today has lots of limitations, the professor behind the prototype, Marc Levoy, tells NPR’s Guy Raz.

Say you want to take a photo of your child playing with a new toy in a dark room, near a bright window. It’s tough to do now because of the variations in lighting within that single frame. If Junior’s face is visible and bright, the tree and the sky through the window will be bleached out. If the scene outside comes out just right, Junior will be so underexposed you won’t be able to see the glee on his face. READ ALL & LISTEN

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