CCSF PHOTO52 The Lecture Series

Spring 2010 (1 credit)
CRN 31765 – Sec. 591
CCSF Ocean Campus, CONLAN HALL, ROOM. #101
SIX MONDAYS 6:30 – 9:30 P.M
Instructor: Marshall Berman
To Register:*

Feb. 1st, First meeting
During this important orientation we will review requirements, attendance, format, credit, discuss the speakers and accept “adds” for this course.

Feb. 8th, Sara Remington
Sara Remington shoots food…A lot..! In 2006 she was awarded “up and coming photographer of the year”. Now, 4  years later, she has 10 cookbooks to her name,  shoots for the N. Y. Times, Chronicle Books, Harper Collins, Travel and Leisure, William Sonoma and so many others. Her uniquely fresh approach  has currently propelled her client base far beyond food photography.

Feb. 22nd, Elizabeth Opalenik
“I believe that all good photographs are self portraits that lie somewhere between imagination and dreams”. The  poetic grace and movement that she  brings to her images is reflected in magazines and art galleries throughout the world, and her photographic workshops are sought after by students and professionals alike. She uses images as stepping stones that trace where the mind has been.

March 8th, Jim Karageorge

20 years of evocative imagery for agencies and designers..
How I work..! ?I want to know what you have to say…The story you want to tell and how you want to tell it. I want to know the tone, the meaning, the audience and the urgency. With over 300 annul reports to his credit, Karageorge, a graduate of Yale University, comments, “My work is always rooted in journalism and cinema”.

March 22nd, RJ Muna

Aside from the over 150 national and international awards he has won. Muna comments on the simplicity with which he goes about his extraordinary imagery. “I start with one light, determine where it comes from and have a well thought out concept for the underpinning of my work.I am always passionate about what I do..what I shoot”..

April 19th, Gordon Osmundson
“Black & white photography, if it is done well, has a special intensity about it that can be greater than that of the actual subject itself. I believe the job of being an artist is to express something familiar but in a new way. When I am shooting….. all of me is shooting”.

*Lectures are open to the entire public

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