Contest: 2011 Michael Kellicutt International Juried Photo Show

1st place winner 2010, Fire Games, ©Jordi Cohen

Entries for the 2011 Michael Kellicutt International Juried Photo Show Through A Lens: Inspiration or Desperation will be accepted through February 28th 2011.

About the Theme
Great photography often brings with it strong emotional impact. This year’s theme, “Through a Lens: Inspiration or Desperation” is about evoking one of two strong emotional responses: Inspiration or Despair. Possible subjects could include people, places or things that inspire or cause feelings of despair.

About the Jurors
To provide the best evaluation of images we have a panel of three luminary jurors.
Scott Atkinson Landscape photographer and Sierra Club Calendar Editor
Erika Gentry Associate Professor of Photography at City College of San Francisco
Deanne Fitzmaurice Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist based in San Francisco

Read more about the jurors at:

Hosted by the Coastal Arts League.
First Prize: $2,000 (Over $3,500 in total prizes)
Entry deadline: February 28th, 2011 (received by)
Exhibition: July 2011
Eligibility: Open to all photographers internationally internationally and all forms of photography

For more entry details please review the entry form and prospectus, available at:

Feel free to forward information about this show to your friends. You can simply direct them to the informational link on our site at:

Online Entry Available at:

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