Artist Spotlight: Sarah Moon by Lens Culture

© Sarah Moon. Images courtesy Fotografiska and Galerie Camera Obscura

While visiting Arles, France one summer not long ago, I happened upon the Actes Sud bookstore and saw a sign on the door written by hand announcing “Sarah Moon Booksigning Tonight” in French. I was beside myself with excitement to meet her. There, in the tiny Roman city of Arles, I would get to meet one of my favorite photographers. Gracious, experienced and a powerful force in photography, Sarah Moon was charming and generous in speaking about her work. I was glad to spend time with her in that moment and hope to see her again as I have even more books now for her to sign! Married to the famous publisher Robert Delpire – the duo live and work in Paris. -Erika

Sarah Moon Booksigning, Arles, France

This month in Sweden’s Fotografiska Museum is a major survey exhibition of Moon’s. work entitled 12345. Lens Culture Magazine attended the opening and shared the below post and a slide show of images which can also be  viewed  HERE. As images of Moon’s work are hard to find online – this slide show is a treasure.

Review by Lens Culture’s Jim Casper:

Sarah Moon first captured the world’s attention as a stunning, young fashion model in Paris in the free-wheeling 1960s. She also greatly enjoyed photographing her friends in the fashion world during their free time.

In 1970 she earnestly began to pursue a career as a photographer. She quickly met with professional success, and became well-known and respected for her unique vision and the signature style of her photography.

The images she created were soft, romantic, melancholy, outside of time, more dream-like fantasy than anything real — and composed with an eye for shape, and strong graphic recognition.

Moon created the advertising “look” for the French fashion houses Chanel, Cacharel, and Comme des Garçons; and she was sought after by other designers around the world.

Moon’s career took off with her fashion images, but she always pursued her own personal, non-commercial work. Her fine-art photography and film-making have become her primary focus today.

Fotografiska, Stockholm’s great new museum dedicated to contemporary photography, is presenting a comprehensive survey of nearly four decades of photography by Sarah Moon.

The exhibition contains over 200 photographs and two video works entitled The Red Thread and Contact. It’s a visual treat.

The French Series “Contacts” also features a 10 minute video of Moon’s work:

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