Life Support Japan Photography Sales Raise $20k

©Erika Gentry, Lovers, Avignon, France, 2008

Several photographers and galleries have banded together through social media to raise funds for damage caused by the massive 9.0 earthquake that shook Japan last week by auctioning off photographic works.

Seattle Washingtons’s Wall Space gallery has already raised $20,000 to date by selling 8×10 prints donated by various artists for $50 each (a deal for works by well-known artists and not so well-known artists alike). Each artist has donated images in an edition of 10 and will be responsible for shipping them to online buyers.

A public statement from Crista Dix, the curator Wall Space gallery reads “Natural disasters happen all the time, like landslides, floods, earthquakes. We live on a planet that isn’t static. Friday, March 11th, we witnessed a natural disaster with a very human toll. The earthquake in Japan was of such magnitude that even the most prepared nation in the world to handle a disaster of this type was overwhelmed. It wasn’t the earthquake alone, which was devastating enough but watching a 30 foot high wall of mud and debris wipe entire communities away was beyond any ability I personally had to comprehend. I had to do something. Aline Smithson, one of our gallery artists wanted to do something too. Ryan Nabulsi and Jennifer Schwartz joined the effort. Soon I was hearing from every part of our creative community that we wanted to reach out to help the people of Japan. Life Support Japan was created to bring assistance to those in Japan who need it.”

The problem? Wall space can’t receive and swap out the photographs on their site fast enough to meet the demand. Visiting the site now confirms that most of the prints listed have been sold. She needs help and resources to get up more images in order to sell them as quickly as she is receiving donations from photographers. Artists from around the globe have donated limited editions, over 300 to date, and the gallery asks for patience as they consistently update the images.

Where is the money going? Wall space has selected two charities to benefit from the sales of these limited edition print:

Direct Relief International for help with medical supplies.

Direct Relief works closely with the United Nations (U.N.) Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA), which has activated to assemble the international response. Direct Relief has mobilized and staged materials at our headquarters, which are standing by ready for airlift to Japan.

Habitat for Humanity Japan, http://www.habitat.orgto/ help in the rebuilding of communities in and around Sendai and northern Japan.

More galleries from around the US are gearing up for series of benefits to go to these and charities which will benefit relief efforts in Japan.

Thank you for your support and for being part of a global community.

To join the effort in donating prints visit the Life Support Japan Facebook page.

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