Tutorial: Retouching A Stitched Panoramic

Today my Intermediate Photoshop (P60B) class at CCSF worked on merged images using the “merge to panoramic” tools in Photoshop. First, we studied beautiful and successful panoramics from artists such as Jeff Liao and Josef Koudelka (which were created on film!) among others to get some ideas of what makes a visually stunning long format image. Next, we delved into tips on how to “capture” for a merged panoramic. Then today, finally, students brought in their captures and we practiced combining them using the stitching software within Photoshop. After completing the stitching process – students went back and revisited their images to continue the rest of their learned work-flow techniques including selective adjustments and masking (SAM) before printing the files. Above is a video of some content we covered today to help students finish off their panoramas after stitching.  I hope it is a helpful! Please disregard the annoying Adobe Acrobat pop-up reminders that interfered.  And if you’re interested in exploring more – consider taking my workshop 5/7-5/8/2011 entitled “EXPOSURE AND PHOTO MERGE TECHNIQUES USING CS5 “  -Erika

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