How To Find Great Photography on the Internet

How To Find Great Photography Online
Google Image search results for "photography" You can do better than this. Here's how.

There was some crazy discussion around the question “Is Photography Over?” and clearly, with 200 million photos uploaded per day on facebook alone, it’s not. But how has it changed and where can you seek out interesting images? The links on the left column of this blog of course – but also by following tips published in the newly redesigned America Photo Magazine online. Beautiful! -Erika

From: America Photo Magazine
By Bryan Formhals on October 16, 2011

In an introduction to a series of articles, a seasoned explorer of the photo web lays out his fundamental tips for staying sane amidst the tumultuous sea of photographic imagery available 24 hours a day online

There are now over 60 billion photographs on Facebook. To put that in perspective, from the dawn of modern photography in the mid-1920s through 1990, it’s estimated that around 57 billion photographs were made.

Photography is everywhere on the internet: personal snapshots of friends and family; professionally produced photojournalism; high and low fashion; cellphone snapshots from protests around the globe; intimate photographs depicting every imaginable aspect of human sexuality; banal scenes of street life; party photographs; photographs of celebrities in the club and in the bedroom; photographs of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Photographs are everywhere and all of us are looking at them every day. It’s unavoidable. And  while many photographers might gripe that the majority of these images aren’t very good or interesting (they’re probably right), the proliferation has had a positive impact on how I personally experience photography.

The combination of affordable digital cameras, camera phones and the ease of sharing photography online has made “everyone a photographer” and more importantly, made everyone involved in the photography conversation whether they realize it or not. A byproduct of this is that more and more people are becoming seriously interested in improving their photography, and seeking out high-quality work for inspiration or enrichment. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

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