Photography Portfolio Template Websites

Tonight, I had the pleasure of talking to CCSF photography students in the class Editorial Photography (PH93) regarding online portfolios. During our time together – we sized images in Lightroom and Photoshop, talked about sharpening (ouch) and looked at a lot of “templated” portfolio website options geared toward photographers. In class, we took a look at the interface of, which allows hosting and limited template and color options for $99 a year for students. Pretty nice indeed,  but some questions from students included “can I use online order fulfillment sites with Livebooks” and “Why can’t I change my template after I’ve joined?”. Honestly – I could not find the answers. But my hunch is that  an upgrade to the “pro” version is necessary for the above. In the meantime, students also asked about comparing other options. Here is a good link to  a list of templated portfolio websites for photographers. If you have more ideas, please add them in the comment section below. -Erika

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