Magnum Greats Inhabit Rochester, NY

©Susan Meiselas. Early morning on Main Street. Rochester, NY.

I lived in Rochester NY, the home of Eastman Kodak, for three years from 1996-1999 while studying at The Rochester Institute of Technology. It was a challenging climate for me, moving directly from Southern California, and at the time, I thought it was also challenging to photograph there. Nothing about the town was very inspiring for me and I resorted to doing work in the studio most of the time I lived there.

This week several Magnum Photographers are residing in the home town of Kodak as part of their own going series “Postcards from America”.  After seeing their work, it’s confirmed of course that there are indeed photographs everywhere, even in Rochester,  you just have to LOOK. Lucky RIT students have been paired up with the photographers to function as drivers, researchers, technicians, camels and therapists. What an amazing experience for them. My 25 year old self is very jealous!

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