Digital Publishing for Artists By Conor Culver

I met Conor at SPE San Francisco this year, and he showed me his latest project – digital interactive immersive experiences showcasing various artists. I thought the project was great and was very excited by it. You can see it above. Conor writes “The world of publishing is changing, more and more people are now reading books on tablet devices than ever before. Apple has sold 12 million iPads this past March. For artists, this can open the door to a huge audience that was non-existent with publishing before. Traditional publishing can cost thousands of dollars and distributes to only to everyone with a tablet or device. Immediacy and reduced cost are just two benefits of digital publishing and immerse the viewer into the artist’s process thus building an aura around the artist. Viewers may walk through the studio, step into a virtual gallery, watch an interview, view the work and interact.” See more on Conor’s website.

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