Tutorial: Portrait Retouching – 15min Makeover

In the hallway of CCSF, we stopped a student and asked her if we could give her a 15 minute makeover. Digitally that is. Follow along with us using the steps in the video if you want to learn what we did today in P60B Intermediate Photoshop. -Erika

Download the image file
Additional information and steps and info on the pdf

Digital Retouch (Katrin Eismann)
Carrie NYC (Carrie Beene)

Also check out a similar technique “How to make a post-production glow”.

One thought on “Tutorial: Portrait Retouching – 15min Makeover

  1. Reblogged this on Rachael Lees and commented:
    Here is a very useful tutorial I came across that is on how to retouch skin naturally. Its very detailed and goes through many of the techniques we learnt in class on retouching skin, including adding blurs and masking while working non-destructively on an image.


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