Artist Spotlight: “Dessin et Photographie”

96303970As many of you kind followers know, I have spent the last several months on sabbatical in Europe, particularly Paris where I have gotten to know the city very well and have enjoyed many of its blockbuster art shows. The most interesting one for me, and the one that surprised me the most, was at a very small and unassuming cultural center in the 10th arrondissement called the “Espace Jemmapes” named after its street on the Quai de Jemmapes. Just off the charming Canal St. Martin, the show entitled “Dessin et Photographie” or “Drawing and Photography”  highlighted artists works intersecting these two mediums and often employing them both. Featured artists were Gilles Balmet, Samuel Buckman, Bertrand Flachot  and Richard Muller.

Historical links between drawing and photography are precarious, dating back to the invention of the camera obscura and camera lucida which acted as a projection system to aid artists. Later, when photography became “fixed” in the early to mid 19th century the relationship between drawing and photography became even more relational. Thus, this exhibit in this tiny unassuming venue with its gorgeous works full of historical yet contemporary references did not elude me – but instead won my vote for best of show in Paris Spring/Summer 2014 beating out blingy Pharrel Williams “Girl” and almost (but not quite) Bill Viola’s retrospect at the Grande Palais. See more on instagram: #photographyinfrance



[vimeo ]


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