© Erika Gentry 2008
© Erika Gentry

Erika teaches intensive weekend group workshops and one-on-one workshops in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Lightroom is a photography software program developed by Adobe Systems for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, designed to assist professional photographers in managing thousands of digital images and doing post production work. It is not a file browser like Adobe Bridge, but rather an image management application database which helps in viewing, editing, printing, posting to the web and managing digital photos (including those on backup DVDs).

These intensive workshops introduce the fundamentals of Lightroom and gives tips & tricks on how to professionally develop your digital images. Focus is on setup, work-flow, organization, image management, rating, editing, non-destructive image processing, and delivery of images regardless of what type of output. Lightroom puts the focus on quick image management from meta data to processing. Web galleries, slideshows, and prints can be made from this single program, which seamlessly integrates with Adobe Bridge and Photoshop.

More info: Visit My Classes and Workshops page.


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