Gentry to Sail with University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea Program Spring ’16

Erika Gentry has been selected as a faculty member to teach with the University of Virginia in their Spring 2016 Semester at Sea Voyage “Around the World”. The voyage begins January 5, 2016 in San Diego, Ca and ends April 16, 2016 in England. Together with 600 students and 35 faculty, the floating University (a 1998 cruise ship outfitted to contain 10+ classrooms) will voyage for 101 days stopping in 11 countries and 15 cities starting in San Diego, CA and continuing on the below route.

Gentry will take an unpaid Professional Development leave from the City College of San Francisco (CCSF) in the Spring and return Fall 2016 to resume her normal duties as Professor & Chair of the Photography Department. During the voyage, Gentry will teach three sections of Fine Art and Documentary Photography and lead students on photography field labs in Mauritius, Vietnam and Myanmar. She says “It’s quite interesting to plan three separate day-long, meaningful excursions for groups of 20 students to places I’ve never been before – but I am excited about it as well as connecting with local artists”. The lectures she will deliver will focus on local image-makers and technical jargon for many of the 15 ports visited. Gentry also has plans to work on her own fine art projects during the three months at sea.

“I can’t wait to make images and deliver an exciting set of courses and lectures for my students as well as to the general public if they choose to follow me virtually and with a donation. I plan to Instagram, blog and podcast lectures to my supporters” she said. Become a virtual passenger on the tour by supporting Gentry with a micro donation.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.11.49 AM

PORTS over 101 Days
Honolulu, Hawaii
Yokohama, Japan
Kobe, Japan
Shanghai, China
Hong Kong, China
Ho Chi Minh City, Việt Nam
Rangoon, Burma
Cochin, India
Port Louis, Mauritius
Cape Town, South Africa
Takoradi & Tema (Accra) Ghana
Casablanca, Morocco
debarking in Southampton (London), England.

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