Artist Spotlight: Graciela Iturbide

“I am quite a solitary person. That is why I chose to do photography instead of movies because, while photographing, you work alone with your camera, you travel, you read…and at night you meditate seriously on the places you have visited and the photographs you are taking..My photographic work is the one that Graciela Iturbide does with her very own vision. I do not pretend to do contemporary or anthropological photography nor any other kind of photography except the one I bear in my heart”

Artist Biography
Born 1942 in Mexico City, Mexico. Graciela Iturbide urrently lives in Coyoacán,Mexico.
Photographer Graciela Iturbide is inspired by the poetry she finds in everyday life. Whether she captures birds in flight against an expansive sky, young men and women in East Los Angeles, or an iguana vendor in a small Mexican town, Iturbide photographs her subjects with a poetic sensibility and a respect for the way her subjects want to be represented. Her images reveal strong individuals at ease in front of the camera lens, a result of the relationships that Iturbide establishes with her subjects. Iturbide’s artistic career began when she studied cinematography at the University of Mexico. There she met photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo, who would become her mentor, teacher, and life- long friend. Like Alvarez Bravo, Iturbide was interested in photographing indigenous Mexican culture. She is best known for her black-and-white images depicting indigenous communities, in which she portrays both ancient customs and modernized life.


2015 Fall Classes Start Soon – Register Now!

Students begin a workshop with Erika at Rayko.

Students begin a workshop with Erika at Rayko.

It’s time to start thinking about your photography workout again whether you’re interested in a full semester course or an intense workshop experience to tune up your foundation skills. Let me help you finesse and celebrate your images of summer, and create new ones this fall. I hope you can join my  colleagues and I in some of the diverse array of classes being offered as early as August 15th. Register today to save your seat!  Rather schedule some one-on-one time? That can be arranged too. I want you to help you, feel free to reach out. See you back in class very soon, Erika .

 Sat and Sun, 10am-5pm, Aug 15 and 16
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software is essential for today’s digital photography workflow. Quickly import, process, manage, and showcase your images, from one shot to an entire shoot. This intensive course introduces the fundamentals of the Library and Develop Modules with emphasis on file structure. digital asset management, workflow, organization,rating, editing, non-destructive image processing, and delivery of images regardless of type of output. The course includes some open lab time to work on personal images. Bring uncorrected RAW, jpg, or png files. BRING: 25 unprocessed images in RAW, JPG, TIFF format, Cameras, and portable drives to transfer files.  REGISTER

Sat & Sun, 10am-5pm, Aug 29 and 30
You’ve got some beautiful images – but how do you properly prepare them to take full control of the printed image?  Master printer and award-winning instructor Erika Gentry will teach you how to take your digital printing skills to the next level.  Learn Photoshop tips and techniques for tone control using levels and curves, dodging and burning, layer masking, and sharpening.  Other workshop topics include soft proofing, ICC profiles, best practices for B&W image conversion, and comparisons of paper substrates/surfaces and inks.  Emphasis is placed on evaluating test prints in class until you’ve refined your images into final, beautiful prints. Three 11×14 prints are included in the workshop.  Students may print small or large – up to 44 inches wide. Students will also receive a one-time use coupon good for 20% off their next digital printing session within one month of the class. REGISTER


See a full schedule of CCSF’s amazing Fall Photography Courses. Need take a a pre-req test for prior experience? You can.

ERIKA will be teaching:

PHOT 50A. History and Aesthetics of Photography Before WW2 (4)
Lec-4, field trips   P/NP Available
Illustrated lectures on the achievements of important photographers. Designed to stimulate visual thinking and creative problem solving. Visits to museums, films and slide lectures. UC/CSU

PHOT 52. Photographers and Their Images (1)
Lec-1   P/NP Available / PREREQ.: none
Professional photographers present and discuss their work in both technical and aesthetic terms. This is a unique opportunity for photography students to meet world renowned photographers and discuss topics in a question and answer format CSU
Meets six Fridays starting 10/2 – speaker schedule announced soon!

PHOT 60B Intermediate Photoshop (3)

Lec-2, lab-3, field trips
PREREQ.: PHOT 60A or PHOT 81D or VMD 154
ADVISE: PHOT 51 and PHOT 100/VMD 101/DSGN 101

An in-depth exploration of digital tools that will provide students skills to create expressive images and explore various electronic methods of output. Students will integrate available technical resources in preparation for a rapidly changing field. The course includes lectures, demonstrations, creative assignments, lab exercises and class critiques. UC/CSU

PHOT 67 Digital Negatives for Darkroom Printing (3)

Lec.-3, lab-1
Credit, Degree Applicable
P/NP Available
PREREQ.: PHOT 51; and PHOT 60A or PHOT 81D or demo of exit skills
Creation of film negatives from digital files for use in a traditional darkroom. Students will perfect their negatives in the digital realm, output them using digital techniques and then print them using traditional, historical and alternative printing methods in the darkroom. CSU


© Erika Gentry 2008

© Erika Gentry

Erika teaches intensive weekend group workshops and one-on-one workshops in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Lightroom is a photography software program developed by Adobe Systems for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, designed to assist professional photographers in managing thousands of digital images and doing post production work. It is not a file browser like Adobe Bridge, but rather an image management application database which helps in viewing, editing, printing, posting to the web and managing digital photos (including those on backup DVDs).

These intensive workshops introduce the fundamentals of Lightroom and gives tips & tricks on how to professionally develop your digital images. Focus is on setup, work-flow, organization, image management, rating, editing, non-destructive image processing, and delivery of images regardless of what type of output. Lightroom puts the focus on quick image management from meta data to processing. Web galleries, slideshows, and prints can be made from this single program, which seamlessly integrates with Adobe Bridge and Photoshop.

More info: Visit My Classes and Workshops page.

SPE WEST & SPE SOUTHWEST November 13-15, 2015

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I recently got back from a planning trip to Joshua Tree, CA to visit the Joshua Tree Retreat Center as well as sites for the Fall Regional SPE meeting. This year, SPE WEST has joined in with SPE SOUTHWEST and we are excited to present a highly requested weekend inclusive retreat experience! Registration for SPE SW/W members will start in August and in September for other members. This is a members only retreat. Visit to join as a member to receive your registration invite.

Experience the natural beauty and creative character of Joshua Tree with an all inclusive weekend at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and son, Lloyd). Conference programming will include Honored Educators Mark Klett and Sant Khalsa, guest speakers, round-table discussions, and portfolio sharing as well as field trips to the National Park, Andrea Zittel’s Studio and High Desert Test Sites, Noah Purifoy’s Art Park, Sounds Baths at the Integratron and more. a

Relax and rejuvenate with SPE friends at the pool and jacuzzi, gazing at the night skies or on a hike or meditation walk. Open to student and regular members.

Artist Spotlight: Giovanna Giordano

In commercial photography – the retoucher often works behind the scenes with the photographer to assemble and “finish” the image. Likened to a book editor’s relationship to an author – the retoucher is less of a “star” and while often gets paid well, goes uncredited. In this case – when the concept asks for the retouching to almost dominate the original photograph – giving credit where credit is due is valid. San Francisco based Giovanna Giordano is one such artist that makes pixel magic happen.

Out from the Dark: Adobe Photoshop Turns 25

Ever wonder how Photoshop decided to name its’ tools? Traditional Darkroom guru Konrad Eek tells us all about it. Want to take a darkroom or digital class? Join us in SF!

Tutorial: Adding Spin Blur in Photshop CC

I think the blur tools in Photoshop are some of the most used filters in professional post production processes. Here’s a new one as introduced by Julieanne Kost and -Erika   “In this video, Julieanne demonstrates how to use the new, nondestructive Spin Blur in Photoshop to create realistic motion effects including the ability to spin an object at variable angles, as well emulate traditional strobe effects with the ability to define the strength, number of flashes and duration.”:


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