I Was Here – SFBPPA Opening 11/6/2008

“To collect photographs is to collect the world”. – Susan Sontag

Images: Erika Gentry
Through the mass medium of digital photography, the act of collecting photographs as a means of experiential evidence has exploded. With our cameras, we try to decide what is important to observe. We gather anthologies of the world quickly to view later off of hard drives and shared networks – often times sacrificing experiencing the thing itself, in the present moment. We collect, frame and distribute these pieces of evidence as visual status symbols that prove we have “been there” and “done that”. The photograph can all at once become souvenir and safe way to experience a foreign place. Camera in hand, we are given a purpose and mission. To see some from the series I Was Here and more photographs from Bay Area Photography Teachers see below:

You are invited to the San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers
Association’s November PhotoNight featuring a panel discussion by local
photojournalism and documentary photography educators.

Thursday, November 6 at 7 p.m.
San Francisco Exposure Gallery.
The panel will cover topics of the role they play as educators and mentors
in photojournalism and documentary community as they pass the torch to the
next generation of photojournalists. They will talk about both the formal
and informal photojournalism education they received, the importance of
mentors and the role these mentors have played in the course of their lives
and their careers.

Local educator panelists:
Michael Cheers, San Jose State University
Diane Choplin, Academy of Art
Lou Dematteis, City College of San Francisco
Erika Gentry, City College of San Francisco
Ken Kobre, San Francisco State University
Ken Light, UC Berkeley
Darcy Padilla, Art Institute
Lonnny Shavelson, UCSF
Michelle Vignes, UC extension program

The gallery will show an exhibition with the theme Teacher’s Eye at the
San Francisco Exposure Gallery. It will be a collection of work by the
various people in the community who have either taught or are currently
teaching photojournalism and documentary photography students.

Where: San Francisco Exposure Gallery
Address: 801 Howard (near the corner of 4th Street across from the Moscone
Center West).
When: Thursday, November 6
Time: 7 p.m.
Parking: 4th and Mission streets
Cost: free
RSVP: none

It’s a pot luck – so please bring something to share to eat. SFBAPPA will
supply drinks and additional food. No alcohol for any students under 21.

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