TED Winner/Artist JR’s Photo Project Visible From Outer Space

By Lens Culture

The hip, young French photographer, JR, likes to make his photographs larger than life and visible from afar. His most recent project in the slums of Kenya are designed to be visible from Google Earth satellites as well as from the elevated train tracks that pass by the village twice a day. The intention is to draw attention to the persistent strength of women in these struggling, poverty-stricken areas.

2000 square meters of rusty corrugated metal rooftops are now covered with photos of the eyes and faces of the women of Kibera, which is one of the largest slums of Africa. Most of the women have their own photos on their own rooftop, and the material used is water resistant so that the photo itself will protect the fragile houses in the heavy rain season. READ AND SEE MORE ON LENS CULTURE.


One thought on “TED Winner/Artist JR’s Photo Project Visible From Outer Space

  1. Quite impressive! Has it impacted the economy in that area in anyway by drawing a visual interest there? Just wondering. Would be great for art to be a catalyst for upgrade of an impoverished area.


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