LensCulture’s 20 Preview Picks: Paris Photo 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.54.15 AMEvery November in Paris, France is the month of photography with official and unofficial shows sprinkled throughout the city of lights. I think San Francisco, CA should have one too! See the below synopsis from lensculture.com. Can’t make it to Paris? Take a seat in your favorite arm chair and make an arm chair voyage to see the work for yourself. Bon Voyage! -Erika

20 Preview Picks: Paris Photo 2014

LensCulture Editors’ highlights from

Paris Photo is perhaps the largest and most significant art fair for collectors of photography. As always, the experience is exhilarating, inspiring — and ultimately visually overwhelming. There’s just too much to see!

With hundreds of the world’s most successful photo and art galleries presenting their most enticing offerings for rich collectors, you can expect to see lots of “investment-grade” artwork from the big names — as well as a smattering of more edgy, innovative risk-taking works of creativity.

So instead of providing a thorough preview of current trends in the photography marketplace as we have done in each of the previous 10 years (there were 148 preview images in LensCulture last year), here we show just 20 of the photos that we find particularly interesting from the thousands of photos that will be exhibited in the Grand Palais this year.

We hope you enjoy our personal favorites!


Editors’ note: In addition to Paris Photo, November is the Month of Photography in Paris— with hundreds of photography exhibitions and happenings throughout the City of Light. There are also LOTS of cool events organized through Mois de la Photo — OFF. Be sure to check out all of the events — and come soak up some inspiration! And for those of you who can’t make it to Paris, you can still find plenty of great contemporary photography from around the world, every day, in LensCulture. Cheers!

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