Student Project Spotlight: “Self Portraits” by Anita White

Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photography has been put to many uses since its inception. It has been used to document, to make portraits, to entertain, and it’s been used for artistic expression. Photography’s dual nature, it’s capacity to record “truth” as well as its capacity to invent (or deceive), has enabled photographers to use the medium in so many ways. With the advent of digital photography and Photoshop, the ability to invent has become easier. While this has made the “photography as a conveyor of truth” claim questionable, photographic manipulation has become increasingly accepted in artistic expression.

I’ve always been interested in using photography and Photoshop to create images that convey psychological or emotional states. Manipulating colors, forms, and images in Photoshop has given me the freedom to explore and create the kind of imagery that I’m most interested in.

This series of photographs are self-portraits. They consist of two or more scanned pinhole negatives, and other photographs, that were then combined in Photoshop to create something completely new. The use of pinhole photography was purposely chosen to create a more dreamlike quality and to enhance the sense of an internal state.

Anita White
CCSF Photography Student
PHOTO 60B, “Intermediate Photoshop”

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