Artist Spotlight: Graciela Iturbide

“I am quite a solitary person. That is why I chose to do photography instead of movies because, while photographing, you work alone with your camera, you travel, you read…and at night you meditate seriously on the places you have visited and the photographs you are taking..My photographic work is the one that Graciela Iturbide does with her very own vision. I do not pretend to do contemporary or anthropological photography nor any other kind of photography except the one I bear in my heart”

Artist Biography
Born 1942 in Mexico City, Mexico. Graciela Iturbide urrently lives in Coyoacán,Mexico.
Photographer Graciela Iturbide is inspired by the poetry she finds in everyday life. Whether she captures birds in flight against an expansive sky, young men and women in East Los Angeles, or an iguana vendor in a small Mexican town, Iturbide photographs her subjects with a poetic sensibility and a respect for the way her subjects want to be represented. Her images reveal strong individuals at ease in front of the camera lens, a result of the relationships that Iturbide establishes with her subjects. Iturbide’s artistic career began when she studied cinematography at the University of Mexico. There she met photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo, who would become her mentor, teacher, and life- long friend. Like Alvarez Bravo, Iturbide was interested in photographing indigenous Mexican culture. She is best known for her black-and-white images depicting indigenous communities, in which she portrays both ancient customs and modernized life.


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